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Countertop installation can be challenging when considering the materials, effort, and labor going into the process. Additionally, you must worry about quality in terms of the equipment used and who is assisting in achieving a neat and durable result that won’t affect your finances with many repairs in the long run. At Palm Beach County Countertop Installers, we have been working in the industry for over 12 years so that people in Florida can have the most stunning and unique countertops in their kitchens or multiple places.

Unlike other contractors, we do not limit ourselves to the places or areas where we can install the countertops for you or replace them with new ones. As a result, you can have qualified and experienced installers working on any of your spaces and expect the most stunning outcome for them.

But how do you know our team is what you need for your space? And how does everything around the countertops work?

As a company that understands your worries and how many questions can come out of working with new countertops while remodeling your property, and more, we want you to know we’re more than installers. Therefore, whenever you are about to tackle a new project or want to work on a new design, our team can answer any questions as well as clear doubts. Doing so will allow us to give you a clear idea of what you need, what we do, and how we can support you through everything.

In addition to our full support in clearing doubts, we introduce you to the multiple services available to work on your residential or commercial property. Therefore, start with us right below to dive into what you get when having us as your experts.

What Is the Countertop Installation Process?

Working on your countertop installation will usually follow a basic standard, especially when working with professionals.

However, steps and parts of the project can add and vary depending on how the installers handle the project and based on the different factors that influence it:

  • The material or type of countertop is installed.
  • Your space’s size.
  • How fast do you need the project to be done?
  • Your preferences or additions during the project.

In our company, we worry about how we can speed up the process while also working on the best quality and results. Therefore, expect us to worry about how neatly we install your countertops based on a basic process, which can have parts added accordingly.

First, we need to inspect your space, take all measures, and see how much work it will take. In case you are requesting a replacement, we need to consider the work of removing the old pieces and getting rid of all junk.

Second, once we have a nice idea of the space’s size, we will discuss what you would like for it. There are multiple types of materials and countertops. In case you don’t have a preference for one, we introduce you to some good ideas based on what textures, colors, and budget you want and have.

Third, our installers plan the entire project and design and give it to you. Then we schedule when we will start the project and how long it will take. Additionally, we will start moving everything to your property.

Finally, when we get to the point of installing the countertops, we go over all the additional steps:

  • Prep the countertop area.
  • Dry fit the new countertops.
  • Secure them to cabinets.
  • Reinstall any backsplash and appliances.

Is It a Good Idea to Do Countertop Installation on Your Own?

As a company, we are aware that most people will consider our answer biased. However, there are multiple reasons why DIY countertop installation isn’t the best idea.

In addition to safety risks and how you are investing your own time in the project, it isn’t cheaper nor saves you money. Most property owners go for the installation when they get prefabricated countertops. Still, they are not usually of the best quality, leading to more expenses in repairs and durability.

Furthermore, you must consider expenses around the tools and equipment required to properly install the countertops. Otherwise, it is common to struggle and have a poor results only because of the tools used in the process.

In case you are not working with prefabricated products and materials, is it possible and a viable option to do it yourself? Not really.

Unlike popular belief, this will only lead to more work. while you can buy the materials and review all the products and tools in the store, you need to cut most of the materials and countertops to fit them in your space according to custom measurements. Cutting them while buying them is possible, but this may incur extra expenses.

Therefore, going for the DIY project isn’t impossible; in some cases, you can tackle it yourself with very small ideas. But in general, it becomes more of a hassle, the little you can spend doing it yourself becomes more expensive later, and you face safety hazards while working on it.

Does Our Company Have The Services You Need?

Unlike other companies in the industry, we have added the required services to our business so that you don’t need to find multiple services. Hence, you can come to us and expect our qualified team to work with you on various projects and general ones:

Commercial Countertop Installation, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers

Just like with homeowners, we care about commercial property owners. In case you have a countertop installation taking place or require our help for it, we will be happy to assist you. In addition, to deliver the materials and handle the full project, we are able to work with you in case of any special requests.

As a company in the business for over 12 years, we are aware that some businesses have particular needs. For instance, having longer sections or working with multiple materials. As long as you give us details, our installers will make it possible.


Requesting any of these services will allow us to have at least an idea of the type of project you need help with.

How About Other Countertop Installation Services?

Besides our general options, in case you are not fully aware of what you want and need, we have 35 other services available. Furthermore, some of them are aimed at specific requests and countertops depending on what you want to work with and how.

In addition to the residential and commercial countertop installations, you can also request a kitchen, bathroom, or any custom countertop installation project. As long as you give us information and work with our team in the design and planning, we will be able to bring a plan to the table and ensure you are happy before we even start.

As for more specific services, our company works with 20+ different options in types of materials and brands. Henceforth, you can expect various options, starting with marble and natural stones. Options such as porcelain, arabescato, mater quartz, and mosaic glass are all available.

In case you are looking for a full service in remodeling, designing, and installing some appliances, we at Palm Beach County Countertop Installers have options such as:

  • Sink and faucet installation.
  • Backsplash installers.
  • Kitchen remodeling and renovation.
  • Bathroom remodeling and renovation.
  • Cabinet installation.

As a result, you can count on our team for multiple services leading to a full change and project in your commercial or residential properly. In other words, you can expect us to build entire areas, work with you in finding a new design, and so on.

With this in mind, we have some services we consider you should know about as starters so that you get a good scope of what we are able to handle besides the above:

Custom Fabrication Installers, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers
White Countertop Installation, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers
Countertop Design, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers
Outdoor Kitchen Countertop, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers

How Much Will It Take to Install Countertops?

Prices and rates always vary depending on multiple elements and factors. Therefore, it is difficult to provide an average or range that is fixed or not that far from one extreme to another. Then, what’s the best way to work on this project? By requesting a custom estimate and scheduling an appointment.

In our company, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers, we work with free and accurate inspections and estimates so that we are able to provide a good average or quote for the project. Moreover, we ensure you have a full plan with all the details by considering the following aspects:

  • Your budget.
  • If it is a new installation or a replacement.
  • The type of countertop and material you want.
  • Any preferences in the design and project?
  • Durability and longevity. Maintenance and how much you invest in it, in the long run, are considered too.

Whenever you contact us, you can have our team provide an estimate without scheduling a visit. However, it will be less accurate even when you give us the information.

Is it possible to give an average in terms of prices? Overall, you can expect your countertop installation to be valued at around $1.770 and $5.100. what will make the price go higher is usually the type of material you are using and the size of your kitchen or space. Hence, you may want to consider how big you are going with the project in case you want to go for the installation or renovation.

Why Hire Us as Your Countertop Installers

First, our installers and staff truly care about you and what you need for your space. Therefore, you will get the best beyond the simple fact of the materials and equipment. Unlike companies focusing on closing deals, we strive to make you happy and satisfied.

Second, we work with only top-quality brands and materials. Returning to the page, we mentioned how we work with Radiance and Silestone installation, but Caesarstone and Cambria installation and brands are also available. As a result, you can expect quality countertops that will resist decades of use with very little damage to be repaired or replacements to be made.

Third, our company is capable of helping with all types of projects. While kitchen countertops are the usual installations we perform, they are not the only ones. We have worked hard to expand our services so that you can have freedom in what you are working on and how you want to renovate a space. This is why we have full renovations, installations of appliances, and work with more than your regular service for residential and commercial properties.

Fourth, you won’t have to worry about extra fees or expenses. Unlike people who want to make you go for the most expensive option, we want you to get exactly what you want, can afford, and need for the space. In case some recommendations can be made, we will always provide them. However, our priority is keeping your budget and needs at the top.

Finally, each installer in our team is well-trained, equipped, experienced, and capable of handling small- and large-scale projects equally. While we consider materials important, having reliable professionals who can use them is equally important to guarantee quality.

Is It Possible to Work with Our Countertop Installers?

Absolutely. We are aware that most people fear not being able to request our services since most companies are located in very specific cities or areas. In case it is possible to utilize the solutions, it tends to have an extra charge due to transportation and mobility.

In our company, we expanded our locations and team over the years. Hence, you can find us in 30 locations besides Palm Beach. Moreover, we are happy to move to where you are without extra fees, and this includes having us for the free inspection and estimate.

The inspection is possible regardless of the type of service you are requesting and your particular project. In fact, we always encourage you to contact us even when you feel like our services don’t entirely fit what you are looking for.

Since we take custom requests for fabrication, we are also able to have some work done based on designs and planning. Therefore, there is nothing we cannot do or can’t, at least, discuss with you before you decide to hire us or not, or we determine whether we are capable of it or not.

That being said, some of the locations where you can find us include Atlantis, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Greenacres. Ocean Ridge, Mangonia Park, and many more. As long as you contact us and let us know your exact location, we will be able to accommodate your needs and focus on being there at the right time.

What happens if you don’t see your city or town on the list? Feel free to still contact us. Our installers and contractors can move to other areas and let you know over the phone or email—but always in advance.

How to Reach Out to the Best Countertop Installers in Florida

All it takes is a call or email to our team. You can use our contact form too, in order to reach out quickly and comfortably. Regardless of the option you choose and use, we will get back to you in no time. During phone calls, we will answer right away during business hours.

Whenever you contact our team, we would appreciate it if you could add the reasons you are reaching out and some details of the space.

For instance, you can be as specific as possible with the project:

  • What type of service do you need? In case you aren’t sure or haven’t made up your mind, we will intervene accordingly to help you get the most suitable one.
  • Is there any preference in materials and designs or styles?
  • In case you already have your space’s dimensions, you can include them in the message or let us know over the call.
  • Your exact vision and the property you own.

As mentioned, we offer estimates, especially after you provide those details and more. However, they are not as accurate as scheduling a visit with our installers. Hence, we encourage you to have our team over for a moment.

While in the place, they will take all dimensions, inspect your countertop—in case you have an old one—and focus on how we can get the project done. Then you will get a plan and design with all the details and prices.

This applies to any of our services. Moreover, we can have some considerations based on your budget, and the best part is that you are not obligated and don’t feel pressured to hire us. We are here to help and happy to be your assistances, installers, and everything for you.

Here is a list of our services you can get at Palm Beach County Countertop Installers:

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.