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Arabescato Installers, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers

Of all the kitchen or bathroom countertops options, marble is often the one you would want or, at least, a favorite while choosing the material. Unfortunately, it isn’t only expensive and comes with more considerations, unlike what most people believe. Regardless, it is possible to find alternatives within the same type so that you can get countertops that are within budget, durable, and stunning. At Palm Beach County Countertop Installers, we have arabescato installers that can provide the most durable countertops for your space.

In case you are new to the name, we can assure you are quite close with the material. After all, it is a marble variation or type that comes in multiple colors and options. Although it remains a high-ticket countertop material, it is doable and a good investment as long as the right installers are in charge.

Additionally, it offers more benefits than options like granite and quartz, but a lot of confusion surrounds the material as many property owners consider it quartz, not marble. Then, what should you think about arabescato?

Whenever a new client approaches, we love providing all the information about the material so that it is possible for them to make well-informed decisions. Therefore, expect us to review facts with you, including the pros and cons and how the countertop installation occurs in this case. This way, you won’t have to worry about having a material or type of countertop that doesn’t meet your expectations or ends up hurting your finances.

What Is Arabescato in Specific?

Going deeper into what the matter compromises, you can consider it a very durable type of marble. Thanks to its properties, it is often used indoors and outdoors as it isn’t entirely affected by weather and the elements.

Does this mean it is the perfect material for countertops? Not necessarily. Besides the price, arabescato should be installed under considerations such as your preferences and needs. Therefore, we encourage you to learn about it and focus on how it is eye-catching and the benefits it provides for your space.

With this in mind, there are multiple types of arabescato. Moreover, you will usually find them under marble types. Still, it is crucial to identify them separately so that you can review the “subtypes” of the marble under this specific option.

What Types of Arabescato Do Our Installers Work With?

From Altissimo to Corchia, we have all options available so that you can choose the most suitable one in style, design, color, and patterns.

Now, as much as people will say “colors” just like we did, arabescato is a white option for your countertops. Therefore, it is natural to only find types around this design, but the patterns and the entire marble’s usual aesthetics vary.

Out of all the options we have available, we have five types that are our clients’ favorites, especially when they are working on their kitchens:

  • Arabescato Arni is a more creamy, beige color with grey accentuations and veining. Hence, you get more of a variation from the usual white.
  • The arabescato Trambiserra is known for the grey veining and details more than the white color, as the first option dominates most of the slab and cut.
  • Arabescato Vagli is similar to the previous option but with a stronger and straighter pattern.
  • The Arabescato Corchia is the most popular option, where white predominates and the grey veining and stains are the secondary focus.
  • Finally, the Piana option offers a more electric pattern due to the shape of the veining and how the grey tone, closer to white, looks.

Regardless of the type of arabescato you choose, our installers will happily work with you. Among other options we have available, the Faniello and Cervaiole are included too. As a result, you can opt for the common white or dark tone for your countertops.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Arabescato Countertops?

It varies depending on the type you choose for your space. Furthermore, considerations like the size of the slabs you need and the scale of the project should be included.

However, getting an estimate or average around the price per square foot is possible. Most arabescato pieces cost between $55 to $65 due to their durability and how they are the usual marble option in the market.

In addition to the price of the material, labor costs should be added. Moreover, any installation features, fixtures, or appliances can increase the price.

Feel free to contact us at Palm Beach County Countertop Installers so that you can request a free estimate and inspection. Our arabescato installers will be more than happy to work on a custom project for you.

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