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Silestone Installation, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers

Silestone countertops are often considered just another material or product in the market. While this isn’t entirely wrong, it is mostly a brand like Cambria and Caesarstone with its own products. Therefore, you can consider it separately and work with it based on your needs and whether you like the style it offers or not. Of course, the pros and cons should be considered just like other brands and materials. At Palm Beach County Countertop Installers, we help you with every step of your Silestone installation so that you are able to get a neatly done result.

While other companies like working with their products or the usual brands, we want to bring different options and more opportunities. Hence, we included Silestone so that you could evaluate your alternatives and work around the one that fits your needs, preferences, and budget. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about the installation itself as the reliable professionals and installers needed are already in our company.

What should you know about the brand and its countertops before you work with it? There is a list of factors and details that should be reviewed:

  • What are the countertops or slabs made of?
  • Is it better than other top brands and materials?
  • What about its colors and designs available?
  • Is a warranty included and available for any of the pieces?
  • Will you have to spend more time and money on getting it for your kitchen or bathroom countertops?

Our installers will help you answer all these questions. Therefore, stay here and continue reading before you jump to the installation.

Silestone Is Similar to Cambria & Caesarstone

In what sense? Like them, it is mostly made of quartz, which is bonded with resins and adhesives to get a durable and hard surface. However, quality and designs vary depending on how the company works with the slabs and manufacturing process.

As a result, Silestone is indeed similar to the other two brands since they all base their products on quartz mostly, but its range in colors and countertops vary, and it isn’t the same to work with these slabs.

Therefore, you cannot consider all of them the same, tell them apart, or decide based only on price and costs.

In addition to quartz and the properties of the adhesives and resins used, Silestone differs in how the company uses recycled materials that make the product eco-friendly and even more advanced. Consequently, it is easy to maintain, and even after it is damaged or needs to be replaced, you won’t pollute the environment or lose lots of materials.

The technology and tools used make it a durable surface and an option for more than the materials used as well. Hence, whenever you decide to use it for your kitchen or bathroom, you won’t have to worry about its durability and longevity. Maintenance-free and almost no repairs are what characterize the brand the most.

Is Silestone Installation Expensive?

Like any premium-grade brand, it won’t be cheap. As much as we would love to tell you it is possible to get your kitchen countertop done by paying about $13 per square foot, it won’t be happening with this brand.

Although the price and final estimate for your project will depend and vary on multiple factors, such as the specific type of Silestone you use, the size of the space, and additional elements, it is possible to set an average per sq. ft.

In general, you can pay between $45 to $105 per square foot. What will make the price vary is the hues or colors you choose for the countertops, the style, and the textures.

When it comes to Silestone, the company offers over 90 different colors as it can be customized according to your request and needs. In most cases, the customization doesn’t have an extra fee due to how the company manufactures the slabs based on each request.

What makes the price or final quote vary is the size and how the quartz and adhesives are used. Therefore, you will want to check with our installers at Palm Beach County Countertop Installers about what would be better based on your preferences, design, style, and budget.

Unlike other companies, we can offer you a free inspection followed by an estimate so that you know how you will need to invest or adapt the countertop installation to your budget or how much you would like to spend. Hence, don’t feel limited or afraid. We are here to help and make the project possible.

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