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Custom Stone Installers, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers

Working on a new countertop project should be enjoyable. Above all, it should follow every detail and element you have in mind so that the result is perfect. At Palm Beach County Countertop Installers, we have experienced and qualified custom stone installers that can help you create the perfect slabs and ensure the stones used for your countertops are exactly what you want. Hence, you can ask us for natural stone fabrication and installation or work with us on a mix of stones so that your kitchen counters, bathrooms, and more are in the best condition and look stunning.

Our installers are qualified and knowledgeable to work with custom dimensions and projects. Therefore, what we need you to do is take the first step. We can make it happen as long as you reach out and let our team know what you are looking for exactly.

In case you don’t have a clear idea of the full design and custom stone you want for your countertops, we can lend you a hand during decision-making. For instance, you could give us an idea of the style and design you are looking for. Then, we help you review the different options available within your budget and how everything could be customized to your liking and needs.

Unlike other custom stone installers, we want to ensure that every part of the project is done, considering your requests and preferences. Moreover, we will put all our effort into ensuring the countertops’ quality and how you get the perfect fabrication and installation once we are done with the customization.

How Does Custom Stone Installation Work?

In case you are wondering how exactly this project will get done, we can give you a short guide so that you understand what you get and what you don’t. However, keep in mind that our way of doing things is different from other companies. Therefore, having our help during the project isn’t the same as other installers.

First, we need to know your preferences and what you are looking for. Let our installers know the stone you want or the countertop materials. Knowing the design or how you want the distribution of the countertops to be is included in this step too.

Second, what is your budget for the project? In addition to knowing how you want to approach the customization, we need to know what you can afford or not so that recommendations and planning are based on your finances.

Third, an inspection or clear idea of your space is needed so that we can provide an estimate for the project. Hence, scheduling a free inspection and quote with our custom stone installers will be the best so the installation is done smoothly.

Finally, we give you the estimate and start working on fabricating the slabs and pieces based on the information compiled along with how your kitchen, bathroom, or other space is and its dimensions.

We can go to your place to begin the custom stone installation after each piece or slab is done. We want you to know that the countertop installation itself is no different.

During the customization, you get a unique piece for the space and project based on your requirements and preferences. Hence, you can expect the rest of the placement to run smoothly.

How Much Do Custom Stone Countertops Cost?

It depends on the type of material used, the stone, and your request around the customization. Therefore, prices range from about $13 to $190. In case you are using natural stones, the price can go higher on average or in ranges due to the nature of each piece and material.

At Palm Beach County Countertop Installers, we don’t like giving ranges or possible estimates if we don’t have enough information. After all, prices will always vary not based on the type of stone used and your request but also considering your needs and the kitchen or bathroom’s size or the size of the slabs needed for your project.

Therefore, the prices range from before and is based on per square foot, which can go lower or higher depending on the stone you use. Some options for granite countertops are available for $25, but materials like marble or quartzite can easily go from $30 to $85.

All this needs to be considered, and you must add labor costs per hour based on the installation.

Feel free to contact our team today and schedule a free inspection or custom stone installation so that we can give you insight and all the details for your project. As a result, you will get an accurate range and price for the project.

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