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Marble Installers, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers

Marble is the most expensive option for your countertop—in most cases. Due to its durability, stunning textures and colors, and how you can expect it to resist everything and last for a lifetime, you should expect to spend a lot of money per square foot. However, rates and prices can vary depending on the professionals you rely on. At Palm Beach County Countertop Installers, we can help you with the project and focus on how you can get stunning and durable results. Thanks to our marble installers, we are one of the best companies for countertops in the area.

While other companies worry about offering top-quality materials, they lack experience and skills; we offer both elements since we consider materials and workforce equally important. In addition to how we deliver the essentials, we worry about making every part of your project possible. We must work around your preferences, needs, and budget to do so.

Therefore, you will have your usual marble installers but also advisors and guides who can help you plan and design the entire project so that you are worry-free. In return, you experience the adventure better and don’t have to consider future replacements, repairs, or high-maintenance actions for the marble.

As long as you open up to us and work with our team, we can provide the desired result. Now, think about whether marble is the option you want or not. In case you are not fully aware of everything the material entails, we help you start there.

Why You Should or Shouldn’t Install Marble

Whenever you work with a material, whether for your countertop or not, always review the advantages and disadvantages of choosing it. Otherwise, you will have problems in the short and long term.

In case you are thinking about marble because of how it looks and how stunning it can make your kitchen and bathroom, remember this is only one of the benefits. Overall, nothing will look better than marble countertops. Even though you have options like granite and quartz, marble offers a smooth and rich surface and multiple options in colors and designs. As a result, you can choose from a wide variety that helps you achieve a particular look.

Is there more to it than just looks? Marble tends to be a favorite for kitchens due to how it remains cool and is very difficult to scratch. Burns won’t take place as long as pans or pots aren’t directly placed or, at least, not burning hot to the point of boiling water.

Finally, value and longevity are everything. You can add market value to your property as marble lasts for a lifetime. It is easy to maintain and won’t disappoint anyone who sees it. Therefore, consider it an investment besides something you like.

In terms of disadvantages, it isn’t only expensive but also quite porous. It can be stained, and this adds a particular service to the mix: applying sealant. Fortunately, this isn’t an expensive process and can be done by yourself annually or every two years.

However, price is a big factor here, considering that the price can range from $40 to $120 per square foot without including labor costs.

Hence, you should focus on what you can pay besides what you like and how the aesthetics will look, considering that other options can offer great looks.

Will You Really Pay a Fortune to Marble Installers?

Yes and no. As much as we would love to say you can get marble for a low price, it isn’t happening. However, unlike other companies and installers, we do work around your budget without sacrificing quality.

Whenever you want to bet on or opt for marble, we can help you get multiple options so that you have types to choose from. Naturally, some are more expensive than others, but they can be doable based on your budget.

Additionally, we work with you to make the installation seamless and quick so that rates and our labor don’t affect you greatly.

In general, it is difficult to offer an estimate considering how much prices vary depending on the type of marble, your space’s size, and all the variables. Hence, we encourage you to schedule a visit and inspection with our team and have a free estimate once we finish. As long as you call or email us, we will get back to you and answer all questions while clearing doubts about the material, installation, and our marble installers’ job and support.

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