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Ultra Compact Installers, Palm Beach County Countertop Installers

With new materials and options available, having more countertop alternatives for your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space is natural. Among them, ultra-compact countertops have been the new topic for over two years, and although they are not fairly new, they are starting to be better known recently. At Palm Beach County Countertop Installers, we have been one of the few companies with experienced and qualified ultra-compact installers that can help you if you are interested. But if you are more of the people who are just getting to know about it, we can start by providing some insight.

First, an ultra-compact is truly a new surface created by combining glass, porcelain, and quartz as the main materials. However, what is used from there is the raw materials that compromise those options in the first place. Hence, they are combined in extreme heat and pressured so that new materials can be created.

Second, it isn’t indestructible, unlike some contractors and installers will tell you, but its durability and longevity can surpass all three materials involved and even marble in multiple cases. Hence, it becomes a good option for low and high-traffic kitchens and areas.

Finally, the product and result can differ depending on the predominant raw material. Therefore, you can find ultra-compact porcelain, glass, or quartz. However, they will usually bring the same benefits as long as the material and countertops are made and prepared properly.

Our ultra compact installers can help you decide and help with the design, planning, and preparation process. Then we can move on with the installation once you know everything involving the material.

Should You Install Ultra Compact Countertops?

In case you are trying to decide, it is always good to go through the pros and cons of the option so that you can make a well-informed one while adding your preferences and budget to the list.

Unlike other companies, we don’t really like working around a general idea and design. Instead, we want to ensure you are happy with the countertops you install. Otherwise, you will have common issues with the aesthetics and even durability, and the material should be able to fit your preferences and needs as they are equally important.

Hence, our team wants to review the pros and cons of ultracompact as a countertop for any space and make your decision while having them into consideration.

Pros of Ultracompact Countertops
  • Thanks to the mix and how the slabs are made, it is quite durable and resistant. You can cut freely, put hot pans and pots, and still expect it to last properly.
  • You can get larger slabs making it possible to work with large-scale projects. Additionally, it is easier to prepare the material as it can be fabricated according to your needs and requests.
  • It works well indoors and outdoors. Therefore, outdoor kitchens or spaces can benefit from it.
  • Whenever you opt for the option, it is possible to find affordable slabs. It depends on the company you are working with and what ultracompact installers offer.
Cons of Ultracompact Countertops
  • It cannot be found everywhere. Due to the recent option, most manufacturers and fabricators are full of work. In other words, you cannot find prefabricated options or work on getting a random piece, which delays your project by a few days or even weeks.
  • Colors and patterns are a bit more limited in comparison with marble or other surfaces and materials.

Fortunately, the cons can be solved with our company as we fabricate the ultracompact itself. As a result, we can prepare the perfect slabs and work around the request and countertop installation you need.

Should You Choose Ultracompact Countertops Over Other Options?

In the end, everything depends on preferences and what you want for your space. Therefore, we cannot tell you it should be chosen above all other options, but it will pay off and be worth it in case you decide to go for it.

At Palm Beach County Countertop Installers, we help you get the highest quality ultra-compact countertops, which, coupled with our experienced and qualified installers, will help you get the perfect result for your kitchen or bathroom.

Additionally, we can work with the material in other places and include it in any residential or commercial countertop installation project. Moreover, we make sure more colors and patterns are available.

Contact us today via phone or email for more information about the materials and how we can support you.

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